The Garden of Eden at Traveler's Oasis

A Place to Refuel and Relax

The Travelers' Oasis Truck Plaza started as a two-bay service station 40 years ago and has grown into a 22,000-square-foot truck stop on sixteen acres of land. Dan Willie and a partner started the “TO”, as it is affectionately called, in 1979 with each supplying a $2,000 investment.

Travelers' Oasis was expanded in 1979 to include a store and a breakfast and burger counter. In 1985 a full-service sit-down restaurant and a larger store were added.

The year 1999 saw another remodel and addition, doubling the size of the facility to include a three-brand food court, a 5,000-square foot truckers lounge, increased retail space, and the creation of the Garden of Eden. The Garden includes a waterfall in the middle of an eating area for the food court, with live plants, large rock formations, and a big tree with a serpent hanging precariously above the tables. Since our address is Eden, Idaho, our logo became Travelers' Oasis, Home of the Garden of Eden.